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Willy Victor and 25 Knothole

ISBN (SOFT): 9781479713660
ISBN (HARD): 9781479713677
ISBN (eBook): 9781479713684

In the early hours of April 17, 1952 World War III nearly began. The Distant Early Warning line (DEW) was still an idea to be addressed by the U.S. government and its top military brass. “Willy Victor and 25 Knothole” is about that vital cog of airborne defense against the real threat of a sneak attack (atomic and/ or airborne) against the American mainland. Bruce Jarvis, former naval flight crew member, recounts the operations of his Airborne Early Warning Squadron 11 (AEWRON) experience, flying in a Lockheed Super Constellation Warning Star (Navy designation Willy Victor-2) in support of the DEW line that became fully operable in the year 1957. Bruce Jarvis has taken good care in writing this book so that Americans may know and not forget the few good men who put their lives on the line during the cold war to protect the United States of America.

Having participated in the flying of the North Atlantic Barrier from 1958 to 1961, I'd have to say that the author has done a remarkable job of portraying the lives and times of many of the young men that were involved in this part of Naval history. It was during the "Cold War" when the barrier flights were in full throttle, flying from Newfoundland to the Azores protecting our country from any sneak attack.  As an Air Control operator, it was our job to make sure that any unidentified aircraft was verified as friendly. The author of this book, apparently interviewed many of those who flew the barrier and told many a familiar story of each young man's voyage through the Naval process. Kudos to Mr. Jarvis for a job well done.

Amazon Review by Froggy, December 27, 2012



Just about every stomping ground that Bruce mentioned in his book; Great Lakes, Norman, OK, Memphis, Pax River, Argentine, the Radio Shop in the Miami hangar, the E.M. Club, St. John's, were places I also experienced. Bruce and I surely crossed paths many times.  The book was so fascinating to me that I read it all in one sitting. I couldn't put it down since I felt that I was essentially reading about my life in the Navy.  I am so happy that Bruce decided to try and explain our activities.  After attending the  '03 WV reunion, (which my wife and I missed due to travel delays), I now am able to share these experiences with my current friends who had no idea what we were up to in those days.

Amazon Review by RJ Levendoski, July 29, 2013

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Code Name: Arc Angel
The Demise of the Devil

ISBN (SOFT): – 9781087958293
ISBN (eBook): -9781087875828

This historical work of fiction is based on a true story shared with the author about one of his father's friends.  It is 1940, and Europe is in crisis. Adolph Hitler is leading Germany, the Italians have declared war on Great Britain and France, and the Luftwaffe is attacking Great Britain. Carlton Fuller, a husband, father, lawyer, and common citizen of the United States is recruited by the Director of the Office of Strategic Services to infiltrate the Nazi regime under deep cover.


Also available for purchase
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